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The way technology is developing, we must work on new methods for a better reach. In times when SEO plays a huge role in helping us grow our reach, let us see some of the biggest SEO trends that might help us in 2022.

The growing importance of AI 

As artificial intelligence (AI) keeps on changing how individuals connect with content on the web, AI will likewise start to play a vital part in the SEO system. Especially imperative is google’s AI calculation RankBrain, as this will probably become one of the main position variables for google’s search engines result pages (SERPs) in 2022. Since Google uncovered RankBrain, numerous organizations have thought about what this will mean for SEO. We understand AI has a big role in SEO in the near future.

Long-form content 

long formcontent

To guarantee that you spellbind and connect with readers who visit your site you should move to long content of 2,000 words or more that has been displayed to get more traffic and a greater number of offers than short-form content. Moving your concentration to make quality long structured content can incredibly further develop your search rankings. In any case, all together for long-form content to be fruitful, it should have the option to keep readers engaged. 

To be more interactive with readers, it’s significant that you separate your content into numerous sub-areas utilizing subheading tags (H2 to H6), as this will make it more helpful to search engine crawlers. The objective is to make content simple for users and easy to understand for search engine crawlers. On mobile phones, large pieces of a blog can be a little heavy to numerous readers, especially on a small screen. You ought to likewise ensure that your content is not difficult to share to additionally further develop SEO.

Voice Search

voice search

The popularity of voice search is proceeding to rise. Indeed, It’s estimated that around 58% buyers use voice search to track down nearby business information. As of now we have Alexa, Siri, Google Search assistant that helps us with our daily routines. However, a lot of people presently use a smart speaker in their homes and with the presentation of voice actuation in everything from TVs to clinical gadgets. It’s inevitable that voice search is the essential type of search in the modern world.

How to make audio content 

One spot to begin would be Q & A sites like Quora and Reddit – two stages have a lot of assets to kick you off. Likewise, FAQs or how-to articles will be a higher priority any time, since people will inquire and anticipate through audio. Audio search with relevant and informative results will help you improve your ranking.

Be mobile ready


In regards to SEO patterns in 2022, it might appear that mobile optimization is old technology. Numerous SEO experts will realise that, as of march 2018, after the rollout of the mobile-first index, it’s been a significant positioning factor. Having your site upgraded for mobiles will likewise improve the probability that your website will rank higher in SERPs.



If you haven’t worked on Video already, then you’re missing the large number of users. The truth of the matter is that web-based video platforms have been popularized the most in recent years and you must be knowing a number of organizations that have started to utilize platforms like Youtube, TikTok to draw in with clients and extend their reach. 


One of the most recent advancement in SEO is called schema markup. Basically it’s a guideline to using mark-up on website pages and it helps search engines to represent your site pages in search results. You can use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper to generate your own code.

Mrugesh Singh

Mrugesh Singh

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